Step-by-Step Tarot – Terry Donaldson

Step-by-Step Tarot – Terry Donaldson




Step-by-Step Tarot is a course aimed at demystifying tarot reading. It will have equal appeal for both the beginner and the more experienced student. Whether you feel that you have psychic qualities or have a more down-to-earth interest, this book will give you the training you need to start working with the tarot. If you have been studying the subject but do not feel confident enough to read for other people, this is an ideal book to help you develop your skills.

The workbook guides you though a practical step-by-step course that is very easy to use. It gives helpful advice on choosing the right pack and learning the meanings of each card. Various spreads are described, along with ways of achieving very accurate readings.

Terry Donaldson is a highly experienced tarot reader and teacher who has developed his techniques from over 20 years experience. He is the founder and director of the London Tarot Centre.


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